Become a model

Please fill in all the steps below. If you need assistance with Steps 2 & 3, please fill in Step 1 and leave a comment below for one of our agents to contact you to make an appointment.

Step 1: Basic Information

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Step 2: Measurements

Unit of measurement (cm)

Step 3: Photo & Video Submission

Please submit three photos of yourself: full-length, waist-up, close-up, and profile. Do your best to replicate the sample images below. These don’t need to be professionally done, but there are some guidelines:

Shoot your photos outdoors in natural daylight but not direct sunlight. Remember, we’re looking for natural full makeup, wear your hair down, a fitting dress and high heels.




Video Guidelines:


Now that we have your photos, we’d like to get to know your personality and see how you walk in full-length – with a brief, 30-second video.


You should be fresh-faced, with full natural makeup and clean hair worn down. You’re not walking the runway; a simple outfit will do. Skinny jeans and a sleeveless, plain colored top for girls; form-fitting jeans and a solid t-shirt for guys.


Tell us your name, age, height, and where you’re from. Show us a normal, casual walk back and forth in front of the camera so we can see your full line. And yes, now you can feel free to smile for us!

* NOTE: If you do not have measurements, pictures or videos. Please leave a note in the comment section of the basic information to arrange a meeting at the agency